Who Performs Tear Duct Surgery?

Who Performs Tear Duct Surgery?

Tear duct surgery is performed by ophthalmologists and oculoplastic surgeons with the expertise to restore normal tear drainage. They will determine the degree of blockage and the most suitable approach based on the individual case. Ophthalmologists and oculoplastic surgeons can provide surgical solutions such as dacryocystorhinostomy, otherwise known as DCR or tear duct surgery, that resolves blocked tear ducts by making a new connection to the nose and preventing the gap from closing.

How Can Tear Duct Surgery Improve My Health?

Tear duct surgery can restore normal tear drainage and provide significant relief. Blocked tear ducts can cause irritation and discomfort and cause redness, puffiness, watering, and crusting around the eyes. Tear drainage problems can cause eye infections and negatively impact vision. After tear duct surgery, patients will regain normal tear drainage function, and the discomfort caused by blocked tear ducts will diminish.

Can Blocked Tear Ducts Get Worse?

Blocked tear ducts can worsen over time when left untreated. Over time, blocked tear ducts can cause tears to collect on the eye’s surface, potentially leading to bacterial growth that can cause infections and corneal damage. Blocked tear ducts can cause aesthetic concerns, vision loss, discomfort, and health problems if they aren’t addressed promptly. There are several treatments for blocked tear ducts, and your ophthalmologist can help you determine which is suitable for your unique situation. Tear duct surgery is usually recommended for severe cases of blocked tear ducts.

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