Thyroid Eye Disease (Graves’ Ophthalmopathy)

What is Thyroid Eye Disease (Graves' Disease)?

Graves' Disease is variously referred to as Thyroid Eye disease (TED), Thyroid Orbitopathy or Graves Orbitopathy.

Symptoms of Thyroid Eye Disease

These symptoms may not necessarily mean that a person has thyroid eye disease. However, if you experience these symptoms, contact your eye doctor for a complete examination to evaluate for this common eye condition.

Treatment for Thyroid Eye Disease

The talented team at EyelidPros are board-certified and experts in treating Thyroid Eye Disease. Our staff operates out of multiple locations throughout Southeast Michigan, ready to assist you in recovering from Graves' Disease.

Thyroid Eye Disease - Facial Plastic Surgery

Robert A. Beaulieu


Thyroid Eye Disease - Facial Plastic Surgery

Lindsay EL-Awadi


For More Thyroid Eye Disease Information

Please visit our dedicated site for Graves' Disease resources.

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