What Should I Do If My Top Eyelid is Drooping?

What Should I Do if My Top Eyelid is Drooping?

Drooping eyelids can be caused by aging and the weakening of facial muscles. It can also be a symptom of nerve damage, underlying medical conditions, or certain diseases. If you are experiencing a drooping eyelid, you should receive an assessment from an eye doctor to determine the best treatment for you. In many cases, doctors will recommend surgery to fix the problem. Some patients may also forgo treatment if their drooping eyelid isn’t causing any functional problems.

Is Top Eyelid Drooping Fixable?

If you are experiencing top eyelid drooping, it is unlikely to fix itself naturally over time, although in some cases it can resolve itself. However, with proper treatment, eyelid drooping can be reversed and fixed. Eyelid surgery can repair drooping eyelids and permanently correct the problems to prevent interference in vision. Eyelid surgery can also improve the appearance of the eyelids and raise your eyebrows back to their natural position. In some cases, top eyelid drooping can be fixed through non-surgical treatments such as Botox by tightening the skin and reducing sagging.  

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