What Are the Treatments For a Droopy Upper Eyelid?

What Are the Treatments for a Droopy Upper Eyelid?

Droopy upper eyelids, or Ptosis, can be a cosmetic concern and impact vision. Blepharoplasty (upper eyelid surgery) removes drooping skin from the upper eyelids to correct defects and deformities and improve the appearance of the eyelids. Ptosis repair can increase the field of vision and help you feel less fatigued and appear more alert by repairing the tendon that holds the eyelid in a normal position. 

What Are the Benefits of Ptosis Repair For Droopy Upper Eyelids?

Ptosis repair can return the eyelid’s position to its original position and tighten the muscles to enhance your cosmetic appearance. It can fix aesthetic issues and relieve discomfort, vision problems, and irritation caused by the droopy upper eyelid. Ptosis repair can provide patients with a youthful and natural appearance. It will position the eyelids to improve vision and elevate them to the normal position.

Can Aging Contribute to Droopy Upper Eyelids?

Aging can lead to the skin losing elasticity and becoming loose and less supple. It can cause crow’s feet, creases, wrinkles, fine lines, and excess skin in the upper eyelids. Drooping upper eyelids can often affect elderly individuals. The natural aging process can cause the skin to become thinner and the eyelids to develop sagging lids or bags. Prolonged exposure to the sun can accelerate skin aging around the eyes. If you are interested in discussing surgical or non-surgical options to manage early signs of aging, professional oculoplastic surgeons can provide personalized treatment plans.

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