How Do You Know If You Have Blocked Tear Ducts?

How Do You Know if You Have Blocked Tear Ducts?

If you are experiencing excessive tearing for several days or your eye is infected, it could be a sign of blocked tear ducts, and you should see your doctor immediately. When tears aren’t draining properly, there is a partial or complete obstruction in the tear drainage system and an increased risk of other problems forming. Blocked tear ducts are nearly always correctable and will require different treatment options depending on the cause of the blockage, how early the problem is identified, and the age of the affected person.

What Causes Blocked Tear Ducts?

Blocked tear ducts can happen due to various reasons, such as duct abnormality and congenital blockage in infants, hormone changes and aging, infections, inflammation, previous surgery, facial injuries, long-term radiation treatment, or the use of certain medications. A blocked tear duct could also be caused by a tumor putting pressure on the tear drains. If a doctor suspects a blocked tear duct in the affected person, they will have to undergo specific tests based on the patient’s condition to identify the location and cause of the blockage. 

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