How Common is Entropion Eye?

How Common is Entropion Eye?

Entropion is a condition that turns the eyelid towards the eyeball, causing the eyelashes to rub against the eyeball. It is common for people over 60 and extremely uncommon in children and young adults. Entropion eye can be caused by a spasm or the weakening of eyelid muscles as a person ages. It can also be the result of facial or eye injuries, infections, surgeries, burns, inflammation, or birth defects. Entropion can start as just mild eye irritation and develop into a more serious condition if left untreated.

Can Entropion Eye be Treated?

Surgery is the only way to permanently correct entropion. Treatment can provide temporary relief from eye irritation caused by entropion, but it does not completely cure it. If the entropion eye is left untreated, it could cause scaring and even blindness in the affected eyeball. Surgical correction will fix the eyelid malposition, improve the symptoms that have been caused by entropion, and put the eyelid in a better position. 

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