How Can I Get Rid of Wrinkles on My Forehead?

Expert physicians and reconstructive plastic surgeons can provide various treatment options for facial wrinkles, such as brow and forehead lifts, Botox Fractional CO2 Lasers, and other facial skin treatments. They will ensure the ideal treatments are selected for your specific situation. Once you receive the correct treatment, further wrinkles can be prevented by limiting exposure to sunlight or wearing sunscreen, stopping smoking, staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet, and managing stress levels.

At What Age Can Wrinkles on the Forehead Start to Appear?

Although wrinkles tend to be more prominent as the skin matures, there is no specific age when forehead wrinkles appear. Wrinkles can begin to appear as early as your 20s or 30s. Most people who seek wrinkle treatment are above the age of 40 and are noticing forehead wrinkles due to the natural skin aging process. People who are naturally more expressive with their facial gestures may experience wrinkles earlier than others due to repetitive folding of the skin causing permanent lines.

Wrinkles on Forehead at EyelidPros

Are you interested in treatments in Southgate, MI, Livonia, MI, Ann Arbor, MI, or the surrounding areas, that can reduce wrinkles and facial aging? If so, the board-certified physicians at EyelidPros can help you. We offer various treatment options for facial creases and wrinkles on the forehead. Our consultants and experts are dedicated to helping our patients achieve the naturally beautiful look they deserve. If you are ready to schedule a consultation or are interested in learning more about us, contact one of our Michigan locations, and a staff member will reply shortly.

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If you are ready to schedule a consultation, contact one of our Michigan locations and a staff member will reply shortly.

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