What Should I Do If My Top Eyelid is Drooping?

What Should I Do if My Top Eyelid is Drooping?

If you notice that your top eyelid or eyelids are drooping, you should consult a healthcare professional, receive a thorough eye examination that identifies the underlying cause, and discuss treatment options to determine the best option for you. Surgical procedures are the most common and effective treatments for excessive skin that is causing drooping upper eyelids. Drooping upper eyelids are often an effect of aging and are not always a reason for surgery.

What Problems Can Top Eyelid Drooping Cause?

Top eyelid drooping can impair your appearance and vision and lead to other complications, such as having trouble driving. It can cause individuals to look tired, cause tension headaches, and cause strain on the eye, leading to discomfort when keeping your eyes open for prolonged periods. Drooping upper eyelids can be caused by underlying medical conditions, nerve damage, aging, an injury, a tumor, Diabetes, Ptosis, and Dermatochalasis.

What Habits Can Contribute to My Top Eyelid Drooping?

Smoking, excessive sun exposure, frequent rubbing of your eyes, weight fluctuations, poor diet, lack of sleep, and excessive drinking can increase the risk of sagging skin. While some factors, such as medical conditions or genetics, that lead to drooping upper eyelids are unavoidable, taking care of your overall well-being and living a healthy lifestyle can prevent or minimize the effects of eyelid drooping. Prioritizing your health can protect your skin and help you achieve a youthful appearance.

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