What is an Entropion Eye?

What is an Entropion Eye?

Entropion eye is a condition that turns the eyeball inward and causes the eyelashes to rub against the eyeball, leading to extreme irritation, crusting, swelling, and other symptoms. It can cause discomfort and may ultimately require surgery, although temporary solutions can be provided to relieve irritation. Entropion may occur from trauma, scarring, or infection and can affect one or both eyes in people of all ages, but it is much more common in older people due to the muscles around the eye weakening with age.

Why is Early Diagnosis and Treatment Important For an Entropion Eye?

When left untreated, entropion can cause damage to the eye, eye infections, and vision loss. If you feel like there is something constantly touching your eye, or notice that eyelashes are turning towards your eye, it’s important to get it treated before complications arise that could become permanent. Entropion eye surgery can prevent serious problems and improve the patient’s quality of life by treating their condition early and providing relief. 

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