What Causes Ectropion Eye?

What Causes Ectropion Eye? - Eyelid Pros - Cofps

Laxity of eyelid tendons combined with the weakening of muscles with age commonly cause ectropion eye, although it may occur from trauma, scarring, infection, tumors, previous surgeries, or radiation. Certain medical conditions can manifest into droopy eyelids, or they can be caused by aging. The most common cause of ectropion eye is muscle tissue weakening over time with aging.

How is Ectropion Eye Diagnosed?

Ectropion eye can be diagnosed with the eyelid drooping or sagging away from the eye and exposing the surface of the eye. It can be diagnosed with a routine eye exam or physical where the eyelid muscle is assessed by a doctor. During consultations with physicians, patients undergo extensive evaluations to ensure they are suitable candidates for eyelid surgery. A customized plan will be developed to treat the patient through the removal or repositioning of herniated fat tissue, reduction of excess skin, or a combination of both. 

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Are you suffering from ectropion eye in Southfield, MI, St. Clair Shores, MI, Rochester Hills, MI, or the surrounding areas? If so, the board-certified physicians and reconstructive plastic surgeons at EyelidPros can help you. We provide compassionate and comprehensive medical and surgical care for the delicate areas around the eyes. Our staff will make sure the ideal treatments are selected for your specific situation. If you are ready to schedule a consultation or are interested in learning more about us, contact one of our Michigan locations, and a staff member will reply shortly.

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