What Causes Bulging Eyes Thyroid?

What Causes Bulging Eyes Thyroid? - Consultants in Ophthalmic and Facial Plastic Surgery

Thyroid issues such as Graves’ disease are the most common cause of bulging eyes. Symptoms can include eye pain, reduced vision, eye irritation, inability to close eyes completely or blink as often, eyelid swelling, or exceptionally dry or watery eyes. Bulging eyes can be a symptom of autoimmune abnormalities where the thyroid gland overproduces the thyroid hormone which targets the eye muscles and connectivity within the eye socket. 

What Does Bulging Eyes Thyroid Look Like?

Bulging eye thyroids are usually noticeable in one or both eyes. Swelling of the tissue behind the eye can push against the back of the eye, causing the eyelids to retract and the eyes to bulge. Your eye doctor will be able to measure the eye-bulging before, during, and after treatment to reduce the bulging and return the eyes to normal and comfortable levels. During a bulging eyes thyroid, your body may enter the hyperthyroid state that could result in a fast pulse/heartbeat, palpitations, increased sweating, high blood pressure, irritability, fatigue, weight loss, heat intolerance, and hair loss.

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