What Causes Blocked Tear Ducts?

What Causes Blocked Tear Ducts?

A blocked tear duct occurs when there is a blockage in the pathway for tears to occur. This leaves your eyes looking and feeling extremely watery. Blocked tear ducts can be caused by several different factors, depending on the person. They can be caused by infections, aging, eye conditions, allergies, and more. It is important to treat these when they occur because they could create eye problems down the road.

How Can Blocked Tear Ducts Be Treated?

Blocked tear duct treatments depend on an individual’s symptoms. There are different ways to treat blocked tear ducts. In minor cases, a warm compress can solve the blocked tear duct an individual may be facing. In extreme cases, dacryocystorhinostomy is a serological procedure that will take place for patients who have blocked tear ducts.

How Can Blocked Tear Ducts Affect Eye Health?

Blocked tear ducts can affect eye health by causing blurry vision, swelling, increased eye infections, and eye discharge. These factors can impact eye health and vision. When a blocked tear duct is present in an individual’s eyes, it is important to get it treated immediately to prevent more serious issues.

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