What Are the Benefits of Tear Duct Surgery?

What Are the Benefits of Tear Duct Surgery? - Eyelid Pros

Tear duct surgery can relieve the symptoms of blocked tear ducts, such as crusting, itchy, swollen, irritated, and excessively watering eyes. It will create a new way to facilitate tear flow from the eye to the nose. Tear duct surgery can prevent infections from occurring by removing blockages and relieving symptoms. It has a high success rate, provides long-lasting relief, and has a low chance of risks and side effects.

Is Tear Duct Surgery Safe?

Tear duct surgery, otherwise known as dacryocystorhinostomy, is a procedure that effectively treats blocked tear ducts in adults. It is usually performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia with sedation. Tear duct surgery causes minimal discomfort, and the recovery takes about one week for all bruising and swelling to subside. Your surgeon or physician will discuss all the treatment options with their patients to help them understand the procedure, what side effects it could cause, and whether or not tear duct surgery is right for them.

Tear Duct Surgery at EyelidPros

If you’re in St. Clair Shores, MI, Rochester Hills, MI, Dearborn, MI, or the surrounding areas and are suffering from blocked tear ducts, your tears are not able to drain normally, and your eyes are watery and irritated, tear duct surgery may be right for you. The board-certified physicians and surgeons at EyelidPros can help you. We will do everything possible to ensure that your surgery is as comfortable and easy for you as possible. To learn more about us or to schedule a consultation, contact us online today or call one of our Michigan locations, and a staff member will reply shortly.

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