What Are Blocked Tear Ducts?

What Are Blocked Tear Ducts? | Eyelid Pros

Blocked tear ducts are blockages in the nasal passageways that stop tears from draining properly. An obstruction causes this condition and is almost always correctable. It can prevent the nasal passages from draining tears from the eyes and can cause the eyes to become swollen, infected, crusted, inflamed, or mucusy. It can also cause blurred vision if not addressed. Blocked tear ducts can cause tears to be partially or entirely obstructed.

How Do I Unclog My Blocked Tear Ducts?

Blocked tear ducts are most common in newborns due to the tear ducts not yet being fully formed, and the problem will likely go away without treatment. Although it is most likely to occur in newborns, blocked tear ducts can happen to people of any age. Blocked tear ducts in adults can be caused by aging, infection, injury, or tumors. Treatment options may include medications, flushing, stenting, catheter dilation, and more. If less-invasive options don’t resolve the issue, a dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) surgery may be necessary to create a new tear drain between the eyes and nose.

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