Is Tear Duct Surgery Painful?

is Tear Duct Surgery Painful?

Tear duct surgery is a pain-free and highly effective treatment that relieves blockage and irritation in the affected duct. There are multiple treatment options available for blocked tear ducts. Depending on the patient’s specific case, surgical treatment may be needed. Tear duct surgery is the most effective treatment for blocked tear ducts. It will remove the blockage and correct the problem with the tear drainage system.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From Tear Duct Surgery?

A dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) is a tear duct surgery that is performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia with sedation. It usually takes around a week to recover from due to bruising and swelling caused by the surgery. Tear duct surgery causes minimal discomfort and pain. Although most patients will see improvement within the first week, patients should avoid strenuous activities for around two weeks after the procedure.

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