How is a Brow Lift Done?

How is a Brow Lift Done? - Consultants in Ophthalmic and Facial Plastic Surgery

A brow lift raises your eyebrow and forehead skin, reducing wrinkles, sagging, crow’s feet, and lines, and overall making your face appear more youthful and rejuvenated. An endoscopic forehead lift technique is a popular forehead lifting procedure that elevates the brow with minimum postoperative scarring and tissue disruption. Temporary brow lifts can be performed with Botox and fillers, with a more permanent solution being surgery. Brow lift surgery is performed under anesthesia and involves carefully adjusting the forehead skin.

Are Brow Lifts Purely Cosmetic?

Brow lifts have many cosmetic advantages and are often performed for purely cosmetic reasons. They can also fix functional issues such as impaired vision caused by heavy brows and forehead paralysis that causes an inability to control facial movements. Brow lifts don’t change the shape of the eye or eyelid. Instead, it elevates the brow and outline of the brow to reduce sagging that is making you look older, tired, or unhappy. 

Brow Lift At EyelidPros

If you are looking for a brow lift in Flint, MI, Ann Arbor, MI, Southfield, MI, or the surrounding areas, the board-certified physicians at EyelidPros provide compassionate and comprehensive medical and surgical care. Our physicians are recognized for award-winning ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery. We provide the forehead lifting procedure with minimum postoperative scarring and tissue disruption. To learn more about our brow lift treatment, contact us online today.

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