How Can I Alleviate the Symptoms of Bulging Eyes Thyroid?

The longer that thyroid eye disease goes untreated, the more likely that serious, irreversible damage can be done to your eyes. Treatment for bulging eyes will depend on the severity and cause of the problem. Common treatments include eyedrops, medications if the bulging is caused by an infection, swelling, or there is a problem with the thyroid gland, or surgery if more aggressive intervention is required to correct the problem. 

How Quickly Does Bulging Eyes Thyroid Progress?

The active phase of thyroid eye disease typically lasts anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, followed by the inactive phase, where symptoms such as bulging eyes will stabilize but remain. During the active phase of thyroid eye disease, symptoms can appear suddenly and quickly progress, causing visible changes. Inflammation, swelling, eye bulging, and dryness are all common symptoms during the acute stage of thyroid eye disease. Over time, it can cause scarring, double vision, and misaligned eyes and affect how the eyes and face look.

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