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Are your eyes excessively watery, irritated, dry, or sensitive to light? If so, you may be suffering from ectropion, which can be diagnosed by a simple eye exam to see the positioning and strength of the skin around your eyes. Ectropion can potentially affect your vision if not treated in a timely manner, which is why you should consult with your doctor to discuss treatment plans. 

What Is Ectropion?

Ectropion is a condition that causes your eyelid to turn outward. This diagnosis typically only affects the lower eyelid, leaving the inside of your eye more exposed to germs in the air. It can also make your eyes drier and irritate your cornea. Any abrasions or ulcers on the cornea can potentially impair your vision. Ectropion can be caused by muscle weakness around the eye, facial paralysis, trauma or injury, cancerous growths on your eyelid, or genetic disorders. 

How Can Ectropion Be Treated?

Ectropion can be temporarily treated by using artificial tears and lubricating ointments to help with dryness and irritation, but in order to fully correct this condition, surgery is typically always needed. During surgery, local anesthesia is used and is typically done within an hour and a half.  If surgery is needed because of muscle relaxation caused by aging then the doctor may need to remove a small part of the skin from your lower eyelid and reattach the skin, also tightening the muscle and tendons. If surgery is needed because of a previous injury then a different approach may be needed such as using a skin graft from your upper eyelid or behind your ear to support the lower eye. After consulting with your doctor, you can determine the best treatment plan for your condition. 

Ectropion At Eyelid Pros In Troy MI

Is your eyelid turned outward, leaving your lower eye exposed and irritated? If so, Eyelid Pros in Troy MI has licensed, trained, and certified ophthalmic doctors and facial plastic surgeons that can perform an ectropion surgery to tighten the skin and muscle, lifting your lower eye. Our goal is to give all our patients excellent clinical care, and the utmost professional customer service. We will listen to your concerns and provide you with the best solution to accommodate your healthcare needs.  To learn more about ectropion and its treatment call us at (248) 357-5100 or contact us online today!

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