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Are your eyes constantly tearing, infected, painful swelling, or red? You may be suffering from blocked tear ducts. The partial or complete obstruction in your tear drainage system can leave your eyes watery and irritated. Blocked tear ducts can occur anytime from birth into adulthood, but can almost always be corrected.

What Causes Blocked Tear Ducts?

Blocked tear ducts can be caused by various reasons such as congenital blockage with infants, their tear duct drainage system may not be fully developed yet. It can also be caused by age-related changes, infection or inflammation in the eye, and an injury or trauma. A tumor located in the nose, or throughout the drainage system, and cancer treatments can also cause blocked tear ducts. To reduce the chances of this occurring into adulthood you should always wash your hands, and avoid rubbing your eyes to prevent infections. You should also regularly replace any eye make-up products and eye contacts as prescribed. 

How To Treat Blocked Tear Ducts?

There are many different treatments your doctor may recommend to treat the blocked tear ducts. The treatment will vary based on what is causing the blockage, and your current health situation. Blocked tear ducts can be treated with medication, or be as intense and invasive as surgery. For infants, the doctor may recommend just waiting to see if as they develop the blockage disappears. Other treatments include dilation, probing, and flushing to provide at least temporary relief, stenting, intubation, or balloon catheter dilation. All treatment plans should be discussed with your doctor to determine what will best work for you. 

Blocked Tear Ducts At Eyelid Pros In Troy MI

Do you believe you are suffering from blocked tear ducts? Eyelid pros in Troy MI can offer you clear answers and treatment plans provided by our licensed, trained, and certified ophthalmic doctors and facial plastic surgeons.  Our goal is to service each of your patients with excellent clinical care and the utmost professional customer service. To learn more about how we can help you with blocked tear ducts call us at (248) 357-5100 or contact us online today!

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